Cazimut Inc. specializes in the development of tax calculators. Our goal is to simplify the tax calculation processes for our users by offering to the market different solutions that create operational efficiencies for its clients and allow them to spend more time on value added activities. The applications offered by Cazimut are developed with the intent to complement the information systems currently offered in the market as more conventional softwares (T1, T2, T3).


Cazimut has a dynamic team, dedicated to their clients, who are experts in key areas such as Canadian Tax policies, software development as well as sustainable client services and support. Its high caliber team allows Cazimut to continually improve its various applications based on the legislation changes and the evolution of the various tax procedures.



B&L LLP develops various software applications for a various range of corporate needs


B&L LLP incorporates under the name of Cazimut inc. and continues to develop a variety of software applications specialized in taxation.


Cazimut inc launches its 1st proprietary brand application «CAPITAL DIVIDEND 1.0», this novelty application provides the ability to completely manage in an efficient manner the capital dividend election with the tax authorities.





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