Capital Dividend 1.0


What and Why?

What is “Capital Dividend 1.0”?



Capital Dividend 1.0 is an all-in-one software package specifically designed for efficient filing of election for a capital dividend to the tax authorities.


This calculator allows to proceed, in just a few clicks and with all-in-one formula, to the preparation of the various elements required to file the election for a capital dividend. (Tax forms, Letter of transmission, Calculation schedule, etc.





Why use “Capital Dividend 1.0”?




All-in-one formula- Integrated into a single software package (Letter, Tax forms and Calculation schedule). Possibility to import information from a previous election made with the software.



All-in-one formula – Is the end of an era where filing election for a capital dividend required the handling of multiple files (word processing files, calculation table files, tax forms files, etc.). The information and data are entered in the text and numeric fields and in a few clicks… you’re all done!



All-in-one formula – Limits the possibilities for errors when data is carried over various documents.



All-in-one formula – Filing election for a capital dividend by different people or businesses can now be standardized.



Functionalities of “Capital Dividend 1.0” !


In a few clicks, production of the following elements:img-produit-2

  • Letter of transmission for federal and provincial (Quebec) elections;
  • Forms T2054 - Election for a Capital Dividend (Federal);
  • Forms CO-502 - Election for a Capital Dividend (Quebec);
  • Detailed calculation schedule for capital dividend account;
  • Detailed calculation schedule for capital dividend account received from other corporations (if required);
  • Confirmation of similar election (Quebec).


Other functionalities:

  • Possibility to Import information ad calculations from a previous election produced by this software;
  • Possibility to Save and Transfer entries and calculation files;
  • Filing for elections for all Canadian provinces, including Québec);
  • Possibility to Print multiple assemblies (Client copy, Governments copy, PDF copy, Office copy);
  • FREE automatic software update throughout the licence period;
  • And much more…




Who is it for ?

Who is it intended for?


This calculator is intended for anyone who wishes to file an election for a capital dividend under the Canadian tax provisions.


Examples of users:

  • Accounting experts firm
  • Independent accounting expert
  • Financial advisor (broker, financial planner, etc.)
  • Shareholder(s) of privately-held corporation or their finance departments
  • Etc.